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We are Esther and Mitchel.  It's our mission to capture snapshots of off-the-beaten track Africa during our 4x4 overlanding journey. We aim to discover unique places to go, that are not yet known by most travelers. Especially local and community-based tourism experiences are highlighted as this is the best way to support the lovely locals we meet in Africa. To find all those hidden gems, we travel through Southern and Eastern Africa in our converted Land Cruiser. 


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Camping Bongo a community camping in the hearth of warm southern Tanzania

Bongo Camping, located near the Malawi-Tanzania border, is a community-based campsite in the village of Tukuyu that offers a great opportunity to experience the warm and welcoming nature of Tanzanians. The campsite was founded by Michael, a lifelong resident of Tukuyu with a cheerful disposition. By spending time at Bongo Camping, you can immerse yourself in the local culture, practice your KiSwahili, and contribute to the local economy. All the proceeds from camping at Bongo Camping are invested back into the community, such as supporting local women's livelihoods and providing education to children in the village. Tukuyu itself is nestled in the heart of lush green banana plantations and breathtaking tea fields, and Bongo Camping provides a wide range of activities to explore the beautiful surroundings.

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Bulungula at the Wild Coast | Excellent example of community-based tourism in South Africa

Bulungula refers to a magical hidden gem located at the mouth of the Bulungula river next to the Indian Ocean at the heart of the Transkei Wild Coast. It is a lodge which is incredibly remote, but at the same time entirely part of the serene Ngileni village. This local community has created a wonderful lodge to accommodate tourists in traditional Xhosa huts right next to their own settlements. The Bulungula lodge is 100% owned and run by the Bulungula community members. The Bulungula community affectionally refers to their lodge as a ‘place in paradise’ and I could only fully agree with this. So if you are looking for an authentic place and way to experience daily Xhosa life and culture you are at the absolute right spot.

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Climbing Mount Mulanje Malawi 2024 | Guides, Hiking Tips and Routes

Are you thinking of visiting mount Mulanje in Malawi? Are you considering hiking up the 3rd highest mountain in Africa? Then this article contains everything for you. Mount Mulanje is located in the southern region of Malawi close to the border with Mozambique. With over 3000 meter in heights you can claim the mount Mulanje is a real mountain. Please keep reading to find more tips about hiking, the different huts, the best guides and more.

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Community Lodge: Ndzou Camp in Chimanimani Mozambique

The Chimanimani region in Mozambique is known for its beautiful scenery, including lush green hills dotted with banana trees and a jungle inhabited by wild elephants. Camp Ndzou is a community lodge located in the heart of Chimanimani, next to the N280 road. All proceeds from the lodge go to the local village. It’s an ideal stop on your road trip through Mozambique, especially if you’re traveling to/from the coast (Inhassorro/Vilankulo) and Zimbabwe or visiting the Tete corridor or Gorongosa NP.

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The Best Lodge in Vilankulo: Ocean Pearl Lodge. A Hidden Paradise

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Vilankulo? Look no further. Ocean Pearl Lodge (9.5/10)  is your destination. This lodge is a peaceful haven situated away from the bustling city centre of Vilankulo. Nestled right at the tropical Mozambican coastline. The new owners of the lodge, who took over in December 2022, have done an incredible job renovating the lodge and creating an outstanding place to stay in Vilankulo.

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6 Unique Affordable Places to Stay on the Garden Route

Where to sleep in the garden route? Looking for Hidden Gems at the Garden Route? Or unique places to stay close to Knysna? We've came up with a list that we tested out ourselves, and highly recommend you staying. None of the accommodations has paid or given us anything in return for this article. We just really liked these places, and think you might like the too! Check also our 5 day Garden Route Itinerary.

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