Buying an Overland Vehicle

Thinking of going on a big overland trip in Africa? One of the most important things will be your vehicle. When we started our trip 1 year ago, we had a lot of challenges finding the right vehicle. Are we going buy a car in Europe and drive to Africa? Are we shipping are vehicle to Africa? Or can we maybe buy a vehicle somewhere in Africa? And what are the risks involved? In this article we will explain how it works. In addition we now (ofcourse until sold) have our own vehicle for sale! It's available from June 2024. We have a PDF with all information available. Please reach out Whatsapp for more information: +31649759806.

Read below the picture for more information on how to buy a vehicle as a foreigner in South Africa.

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Buying an Overland Vehicle in Africa

Keep in mind that when buying an overland vehicle the costs is not just in the car itself. All the moderations, extra's accessories end up costing as much as the initial car. A brand new Land Cruiser fully kitted for overlanding goes for around €100.000 - €125.000. The most expensive add-ons to your car will be: "Dual Battery Systems, Rooftop-tent, Interior modifications, Solar power, Water filtration systems, Recovery gear and much more. These parts and especially the labour to get it fitted is a lot cheaper in South Africa. Majorly due to major local brand specialised in overlanding. You can expect to pay about double the price for the modifications done in Europe. Our car that is for sale is 100% ready for overlanding in Africa. So the day you arrive you can hit the road straight away.

Buying a car as a foreigner in South Africa

Technically you are not allowed to own a vehicle as a non-South African. Only official registered residents are allowed to buy one. This should not hold you back. We found a way to buy a car as two Dutchies - that's completely legal. If take over our car, we will help you with the whole proces or registering.

Step 1. Create a legal entity (.inc) - As a non-resident you are allowed to own a company in South Africa. This can be just a shell company for your car. Important to know this does give some legal requirements in terms of reporting your taxes.


Step 2. Find your dream car - We used online platforms such as Autotrader to find our Landcruiser 76. Be mindful this can be challenging as it's difficult to asses vehicles from just some pictures. Ideally you are already in South Africa to check out the car.  We hired a consultant to check out the car and the quality for us.


Step 3. Buy the car with your company -  Register the car in your companies name. Now your company owns a car. Almost there.


Step 4. Lease the car from your own company  - Set-up a temporary lease contract with yourself. And lease the car from your own company. This can be done at a value of €0,- per month. Make sure you get papers proving that you own the company, and that the company leases you the car.

Step 5. Start pimping your ride - That's it! Simple as 1,2,3. We used a professional accountant to help us in the process. 

Don't want the hassle of buying a car as a foreigner in South Africa? Buy our car!

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