Hello! We are Mitchel and Esther, two Dutchies on the road. In March 2023, we decided to quit our full-time office jobs and the stressful life around it to found the ‘Ambassadors of freedom’. Instead of spending most of our time in an office, we wanted to live our lives more freely and make our dreams come true. A big dream of us was to discover the African continent more closely. So, we decided  to embark on an expedition of a lifetime.


We are currently on a long trip - 1 year? 2 years? Who knows ;) – through Southern and Central Africa, whereby we definitely prefer to be off the beaten track. Taking every day as it comes, without much planning ahead, so we can join in on every adventure we encounter on our way.


On this website, we will document the places we have been and the itineraries we used. But also the best of the beaten track experiences and hidden gems we have come across, including 4x4 trails, hiking trails, wild camping,  diving spots, wildlife watching and authentic cultural exchanges.


We are not alone on this adventure as we are joined by the best travel bud: our Landcruiser 76s. Better known among the inner circle as ‘Zazu’! Zazu is South African, freshly bought in Cape Town for this trip. He brings us from A to B, but is also our full-time home. Fully equiped with a hot (!) shower, fridge and outdoor kitchen.


If you have any tips about destinations we shouldn’t miss, people (or you) we should meet, or other vibrant experiences, we’d love to hear from you! You can easily DM us via our instagram @ambassadorsoffreedom or send us a message via our contact page.