The ultimate 7 Stops on the Cape Peninsula Full Day Roadtrip

Cape Peninsula - a super scenic road trip

Of course, you’ve heard about Capetown, but are you familiar with the Cape Peninsula or Cape Point? This is the stunning region where Capetown is situated at. You will come across beautiful nature, with pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, an abundance of birds and incredible ocean views! The best part is: that it makes a fantastic road trip for a day from Capetown. This was the perfect way to familiarize ourselves with Zazu, our Landcruiser. You can opt-in to book a tour to Cape Pensinsula, or just like us go for a self-drive day-trip. Make sure to leave early in the morning so you have plenty of time for all the stops

These are our favorite 7 stops on the Cape Peninsula roadtrip.

1. Muizenberg Beach | Surfers paradise

If you want to unlock your inner surfer, this is the place to be! Muizenberg is a perfect place for beginners because of its reliable waves. The beach is super easy to recognise by its colourful beach huts. Or if time is short to hop into the water, stop here to chill and breathe in the surf vibes.  This will be your first stop on the Cape Point roadtrip if you drive clockwise (what we recommend). It's also a great location just for a day trip on its own. As it's close to Cape Town. And you can combine it with the Constantia wine region located in between.

Coloured houses on Muizeberg beach

The famous coloured houses on Muizenberg beach the first stop of a Cape Peninsuala Roadtrip

2. Simon’s town | The home of the South African Marines and Penguins!

A charming and authentic fishermen’s village. For us, this was the ideal spot to have a coffee in the sun while looking over the harbour and the fishing boats. This town is also known for the many marines that are located in this little harbor town close to Cape Point.

The boardwalk in Simons town towards boulders penguin beach

The wooden boardwalk at Simons Town towards Boulders Beach. Know that this road is free! And you will be able to spot the penguins from here as well. 

3. Boulders Beach | Penguins Cuteness overload

Be prepared for cuteness! Because you will see penguins chilling on a pristine white beach with clear blue waters, including some very small and fluffy ones! Also, pack your swimsuit, because you can enter the ocean and take a swim with them. There are two places close to Capetown. This is one of them, the other is Bettie's beach a little bit further towards Hermanus. If you don't want to pay, you can walk on the boardwalks (see above) those are free. And you will still be surrounded by penguins. But you won't be able to reach the beach without paying.


What is the entrance fee of Boulder Beach

For international adults it's R176 ($9) children R88 ($4.5)

For South African adults it's R44 children R22

Wildcard owners: Free entrance

What time is Boulder beach open?

Everyday from 08:00 am until 17:00 pm.

Can you swim with penguins at Boulder Beach

You can get close to the penguins but won't be able to swim with them, as they are wild animals. And naturally scared of humans. But you can swim at the same beach as the penguins.

The penguins on Boulder Beach. You can view them up close from the viewing platform. 

4. Cape Point & Cape of Good Hope | The Southern part of the Cape Peninsula

Where two oceans meet - the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Both capes are in a stunning nature reserve (Table Mountains National park), where you can do lovely hikes along the cliffs and shipwrecks! We also spotted our first ostriches here! You could spend multiple days in this national park doing several hikes. We only had one day, so decided to do the 'hoek van bobbejaan' trail. A 3 hour trail with the most beautiful fynbos and ocean views. But we want to come back for more. You do have pay an entry fee (2023 prices internationals: R376 per adult per day R188 per child, per day; SA's R94 per adult per day, R47 per child, per day). But it is free for Wildcard owners. 

Ostriches on the beach at Cape Point on the Cape Peninsula
Hoek van Bobbejaan hike in Table Mountain National Park on the Cape Peninsula

Left. The Ostriches at Cape Point outside at the parking spot. Right. The start of the Hoek van Bobbejaan hiking trail at Table Mountain national park.

5. Chapman’s Peak drive | Driving like in a BMW commercial

Aworld-famous drive along the peninsula’s western coast. It might look quite familiar to you, as it is a popular spot to film car commercials. Best to enjoy just before sunset . This road is so stunning. There is a very small fee, but it's 100% worth it. As it's also the fastest route from Cape Point back to Capetown.

Chapmans Peak drive on the Cape Peninsula

The famous Chapmans Peak. A scenic drive along the cliffs of the Cape Peninsula.

6. Houtbay | Where the fish is caught local, and the vibes are amazing

Another charming bay where you can embark on a seal snorkelling adventure! Next to this, it is especially worth a visit on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday because of the Bay harbour market. A vibrant market with locally made crafts, clothes & jewellery. Plus delicious food & drink stalls and swinging live music! Next to Capetown, this is the largest town on the Cape Peninsula.


Seals at houtbay harbour before snorkeling trip

The seals at Houtbay chilling in the harbour on our trip for Seal Snorkling.

Information about Seal Snorkeling in Houtbay harbour

Regarding seal snorkeling. Many companies are offering this at Houtbay. But be careful that not all respect the animals. Please book your trip with Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling (no sponsor, we just like them). As they take care of the animals, they conduct the necessary research. And work hard to maintain the colony of Seals. They won't offer close interaction with the seals on the shore. And try to minimise human interaction in the water (though with baby pups, that isn’t easy).

A video of the seal snorkeling we made on an earlier trip to South Africa. 

7. Llandudno beach | The best beach of the Cape Peninsula

A well-kept ‘secret’ beach. Avoid the crowds at Campsbay and Clifton. This was Mitch's favourite beach when living in Capetown (8 years ago)! When Esther reached the beach, she only could agree with him—a stunning, quiet bay with big boulders on its edges. There are hardly any people here. From the beach, you have a gorgeous view of Table Mountain too! Definitely the best beach of the Cape Peninsula.

Llandudno beach, apiece of unspoiled beach close to Capetown. A taxi from Capetown will take you there for about $8 (150 rands). And it’s defiantly worth it. As you won’t be bothered by salesman while laying on the beach. This does happen a lot on other beaches in Cape Town,

In short. The Cape peninsula is a unique one-day road trip. We recommend just getting your own vehicle and taking a full day to explore this cape region. Make sure you bring loads of water and sunscreen. And you will have a fantastic time. Feel free to share your tips and questions in the comments!

Frequently asked questions about Cape Peninsula road trip:

How long is a roadtrip to Cape Point?

We recommend taking a full day from 08:00am until about 18:00pm if you want to cover all the highlights. Some suggest you can do it in less time, but you will feel rushed. The cape peninsula is a long drive.

What is the difference between Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Peninsula?

  • Cape Peninsula is the whole piece of land that falls below Capetown. It's surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Cape Point is the southern part of the Table Mountains National Park located on the peninsula.
  • Cape of Good Hope is a part of the Table Mountains National park, which was considered a beacon of hope by Dutch tradesmen in 1600s, as they reached the bottom of Africa (at least the thought).

Can you swim with the penguins at Boulder Beach

Yes and no. Yes, you can swim at a beach where the penguins get access. But they tend to stay mostly at a private part of the beach that is protected. You are not allowed to go to that part or risk a heavy fine.

How many KM's is Cape Point roundtrip?

The total route is 140km. And it will take you about 3 hours to drive. But as you stop often, you will need a lot more time. We recommend you take a full day to cover the whole area. Starting early, as you don't want to drive in the dark.

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