Top 11 Places To Visit on your Mozambique Road Trip 2024

Are you planning on visiting Mozambique? Looking for off-the-beaten-track places to stay?  Based on our two months in Mozambique we compiled a list of places we recommend you staying. We started our trip north of Maputo and slowly drove up all the way up to Pemba in the north. The places we visit are considered low to mid-range to budget. 


The 11 best places to visit in Mozambique in this blog:

  1. Machubo Beach Resort
  2. Bulbul Homestay 
  3. Mozambeat Tofo
  4. Kumba Lodge Tofo
  5. Turtle Cove & Yoga Shala
  6. Morrungolo
  7. Pomene Village Campsite
  8. Ocean Pearl Vilankulo
  9. Goody Villa's Inhassoro
  10. Gorongosa NP Campsite
  11. Camp Ndzou Chimanimani

1. Machubo Beach Resort | Best Place for Beach Driving in Mozambique 

This is a hidden gem in Mozambique! Hidden behind a large sugar plantation 30 km from the N1. It's about 2 hours north of Maputo. The road to get there is a bit, though, and we unfortunately got stuck. But the lovely owners helped us out of the mud in no time (and they washed our car afterwards!).


Macubo Beach Resort is a tranquil place that offers the best beach and dune driving in Mozambique. At the resort, they offer rooms and camping spots. Each camping spot has its ablutions tucked away in the dunes—and free charcoal for the braai. The resort itself has a small pool and is next to the beach. The beach is excellent for swimming and fishing. Ask Bertie for a ride to the dunes. Be prepared for incredible thrills driving in the sand. We were crossing a long the ocean on the beach. And chill with an R&R afterwards on the beach. This place is enjoyable! They also have a boat to go fishing - but this is wasn’t our thing. 


Location: 100km north of Maputo
Prices very per season. Whats-app Bertie directly at: +258 84 546 2263 for more information.


Getting stuck on the beach in Machubo Beach resort

Getting stuck on the beach in Machubo Beach resort. Luckily we were recovered quickly by Bertie.

Driving on the Beach in Mozambique

In most parts of Mozambique, driving on the beach is not allowed. Bertie, the owner of Machubo Beach Resort, will take you and other guests to a unique spot on the beach called: The Speelgat (the playground). Here you can drive through the dunes. For us, it was the first time going in the sand. So Bertie guided us perfectly and showed us how to do it—for instance, lowering tyre pressure to 0.8 bar, switching to low range, and driving in your 3rd gear 2000 RPM+. 

For those adrenaline junkies (with good cars), there is 140km/hour downhill with 12 meter jump. We skipped this one as we didn’t want to break our car. After driving on the dunes, we went back to the beach.  This was very exciting and scary at the same time as our vehicle got stuck next to the ocean. Luckily Bertie was skilled to get us out it no time. And we made it back safely to the resort.

2. Bul Bul Home stay | Best Romantic Budget option Mozambique

BulBul Homestay is a small homestay located between a lagoon and the ocean.  The homestay consists of dormitories, private rondavels (rooms) and a small campsite. As it’s a small place, making reservations upfront is wise. When we arrived, the camping was unfortunately fully booked. The concept of the homestay is to offer family-like experience. Where everybody has dinner together in the evening at a shared dining table. The food is always local and reasonably priced (300-400 meticais per person). Make sure to sign up for breakfast. As Arcenia (one of the owners) makes an incredible Shakshuka with fresh orange juice.

Don't come here for luxury or a swimming pool. This is really off-the-beaten track. Homestay within a local village. There is no wifi, but you will have internet with a local SIM card (Vodacom). The rooms are very tidy and ablutions are of a high standard. It provides just what you need. The place is perfect for a few days of unwinding after long days on the road or a long flight. The lagoon has a swimming area with crystal-clear blue water. Palm trees surround the homestay. 


Location: Close to Bilene, Mozambique

Visit their website for more information and bookings.

BulBul has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Mozambique. The sets over the lagoon. Giving a beautiful view like above.

3. Mozambeat | The ultimate backpackers highlight in Mozambique

 Tofo is one of the highlights of everyone’s Mozambique itinerary.  There are many options for staying in Tofo. From all places that we visited, we thought Mozambeat (8.5/10) was the best option for people who are like-minded to us. The resort, a bit further from Tofo Beach (about a 10-minute walk), has everything you can wish for. A good vibe. Amazing swimming pool with pool bar. Good wifi and a restaurant. Great people around. And once in a while a party. We visited in July - low season - and the place had a perfect vibe and mix of people.  We did hear that sometimes in high season (December, January), this place can get a bit too noisy because of big parties.


The camping facilities are decent. You get a spot with electricity for $5 per person per night. There are shared showers and toilets. Nothing fancy. The private rooms are spread out along the property and range from 2000 metacais up to 4000 a night. 


Location: Tofo, Mozambique

Check out latest prices  and more information here.

The pool at Mozambeat is amazing. Both during daytime as in the night it is the place to be in Tofo, Mozambique.

4. Kumba Lodge | Best Romantic get away in Mozambique

If you have a slightly higher budget, choosing to stay at Kumba Lodge (8.9/10) in Tofo is definitely worth it. The rooms cost between $30 and $100 per night and offer the most breathtaking pool in Tofo, as well as free yoga classes, fantastic complimentary coffee, and stunning rooms with an ocean view. In July, we even spotted whales from our room! When in Tofo, spoil yourself with some luxury at Kumba Lodge, you won't be disappointed.

Location:Tofo, Mozambique

Visit this link for more pictures and information


The most beautiful swimming pool Tofo, right next to the beach. And rooms with minimalistic design and beautiful ocean view at Kumba Lodge.

5. Turtle Cove Lodge & Yoga Shala

If you're searching for a serene and tranquil getaway or a top-tier yoga retreat in Mozambique, look no further than Turtle Cove Lodge & Yoga Shala. This stunning lodge is designed in the style of Mali, and offers a range of yoga classes every day including Hatha, Vinyasa, Pilates and Kundalini yoga. The restaurant serves the healthiest and most delicious smoothies in Tofo. The overall atmosphere is incredibly calming, and guests can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool and easy access to Tofino Praiha. If yoga is your passion, this is the ideal destination for you.


Location:Tofo, Mozambique

Please find more information about Turtle Cove Lodge & Yoga Shala here.


Left the entrance of Turtle Dove Lodge in Mali-style. On the right a picture with a drone from the swimming pool from above.

6. Morrungolo | The most instagrammable white beaches of Mozambique

Location: Morrungolo, between Tofo & Vilankulo

7. Pomene Village Campsite

If you’re an adventurous traveler looking for an authentic African experience in Mozambique, Pomene Village is the perfect destination. Despite being largely undiscovered by tourists, this hidden gem offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. The village is home to a small community of just 350 people and its huts are made of palm leaves. There’s no electricity or wifi, and even the 2G Vodacom signal is weak unless the wind is favorable.


Location: Pomene, next to Morrungolo between Tofo & Vilankulo

Read more about Pomene Village Campsite in our blogpost.


8. Ocean Pearl Resort in Vilankulo's


9. Goody's Villa's | Serene blue ocean, white beaches and a beautiful swimming pool

Goody's Villa's in Inhassoro, Mozambique has the most serene and pristine white beaches. The camping spots are equipped with electricity, good ablutions, and a beautiful swimming pool near the ocean. You will find high-quality food at Talho Butchery and cheap food at the local market. You can also opt for fresh food from the local fisherman. For snorkeling enthusiasts, "Paradise Island" is the best island to visit from Inhassoro to explore the Bazaruto islands.

Location: Inhassorro, 100km north of Vilankulo

10. Gorongola's Adventure Camp

Looking for adventure? Consider visiting Gorongosa National Park in Africa. The park has strict opening and closing times and requires a daily conservancy fee, so it may be nice to camp at Gorongosa Adventure Camp just outside the gate. The campsite offers beautiful and serene surroundings with high-quality ablutions. However, it’s important to note that it’s not safe to walk to the park from the campsite due to the presence of lions and elephants.

11. Ndzou Camp

Camp Ndzou is a community lodge located in Mozambique's Chimanimani region, surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush green hills. The lodge is an ideal stop on a road trip through Mozambique, especially if you're traveling to/from the coast or visiting nearby national parks. While tourism may not be developed in the area, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-track activities to enjoy, such as elephant jungle trekking, butterfly safaris, local village tours, and learning about bees. For those who have more time, there is also the opportunity to climb the Chimanimani mountains with a two-day trek. All proceeds from the lodge go towards supporting the local village.


Read more in our article on Ndzou Camp.

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